YOOX: NET – A – PORTER GROUP – A Leading Luxury Online Brand Becomes Completely Fur- Free

One of the world’s leading online luxury store has now announced that they are adopting a fur free policy. This means that they will eliminate all and every garments, accessories, and items made from animal fur.

The policy will apply to all of their brands through out their online store, which consists of: Net-A-Porter, Mr. Porter, Yoox, and The Outnet. YNAP is demonstrating their commitment to overseeing an eco-friendly impact through sustainability.

YNAP has even joined the international Fur Free Retailer Program adding onto their dedication towards ethical treatment to animals. This is an international alliance of animal and environmental protection organizations globally.

The company’s Sustainability Report outlines the Group’s commitment to managing and reducing the social and environmental impacts of the business, collaborating with brands and suppliers to improve practices, and leading developments in the industry.

By adopting this policy, it proves that YNAP believes in humane and ethical treatment to animals and they’re given rights. This may increase their vendors and brand loyalty due to the increase in sustainable products being used currently.

Sweet Prima of the Week: Katy Perry

Sweet Prima of the week this week goes to Katy Perry for overcoming her mental health struggles and for inspiring those who are struggling as well to believe in themselves. This pop culture star admits to suffering from alcoholism. She admitted all of these in a live stream video in hopes of promoting her next album ‘Witness’, this video went viral and lasted four days long.

Katy also has opened up on her thoughts about suicide and came clean to contemplating it several of times. However, she has risen up from her thoughts and has been moving forward since.

“I feel ashamed that I would have those thoughts, feel that low and depressed”

It’s inspiring that she can openly express her personal story and life struggles. Her fans have been a huge support and respect. This is a true example on how one can overcome the hardships of depression and seeing what it can lead to. It touches the hearts of many to see an amazing singer discuss these personal issues.

Fashion Fact Friday – Monokini

As the hot fourth of July weekend approaches us and leads us to wandering the nearest beach, we have the perfect term for you to share while catching some rays! A “monokini” was first seen in the 1960s, originally designed by Rudi Gernreich, that consisted of only a small, closed-fitting bottom and two straps, yes this was a topless swimsuit for women. Now and days a monokini is defined as the newest must have swimsuit that features two wide side cut outs. This is specifically found on the trendy one-piece swimsuits as women are getting more familiar with them this summer over the typical two-piece bikini. This innovative design allows women to feel comfortable while sexy all at the same time! Be on the lookout of the monokini this weekend!

Sweet Prima of the Week: Carla Fendi

June 20th marked the death of Carla Fendi, one of the five Italian sisters who inherited and assisted in the transformation of their parent’s small leather workshop into an international luxury fashion empire. Passed away in Rome, age of 79, unfortunately following a long illness.

However, her accomplishments are one to remember for a long time that progressed the company into the famous brand name it is. 1925 consisted of Adel and Edoardo Fendi opening their first shop in Rome, Italy.  As, 1965 rolled around Carla and her sisters made the uprising decision to hire Karl Lagerfield as a designer.

“Lagerfield is the sixth Fendi child” – Carla Fendi,
Just from that clever decision, Fendi then became the worlds most famous furrier.

Carla served as Fend’s president as well as the company’s public face for its line of vibrant “baguette” bags that average at thousands of dollars. She concentrated on marketing the company’s brand and logo, which instantly became an internationally familiar symbol for luxury. That was until LVM bought Fendi in 2001 worth hundred of millions of dollars bringing together some of the worlds greatest luxury brands. Carla still was known as an honorary Fendi president up until her passing.

Try Before You Buy- Amazon Wardrobe

Amazon does it again with exceeding in
customer service. They are now launching it’s newest program that will allow
one to try on an item before they have even purchased it yet, this idea will be
called Prima Wardrobe.


How does it work? You will select a minimum of
three Prime-Wardrobe eligible pieces of clothing from over a million options,
then Amazon will proceed to ship you your selections in a resalable return box

 Don’t worry about not liking an item either
after you try it on, just send it right back in the box that you can even leave
right at your front door in your own convenience from Prime Wardrobes free
scheduled pickups by UPS.

 Want to keep an item? No stress! If a customer
wants to keep at least three items, he/she will receive a 10 percent discount
off of ones purchase, 5 or more pieces will be receiving an even greater
discount of 20 percent!

 Amazon is demonstrating a new form of retail
and a more pleasing one to say the least in the customers’ eye. No more worries
or stress going into buying a product! However, Amazon Prime Wardrobe is currently in beta, but you can
sign up to get notified when it officially launches.

Sweet Prima Of The Week: Ariana Grande

Today’s sweet prima of the week goes to Ariana Grande! This pop culture singer and actress will be celebrating her 24th birthday on Monday and we are excited to wish you well as it sneaks up on you!


After a devastating loss of 22 lives at Ariana’s Manchester show, she didn’t fail to stay positive and feel absolutely blessed. She proceeded to give her fans a shout out for all the love and support after the traumatic attack.

This did not stop her from performing once again, she however ended up postponing the tour to raise over twelve million for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund and Red Cross in memory and support of those injured and lost during a benefit concert.

Ariana continued her support system by visiting those injured right in their hospital beds. This would have easily pushed the all of the survivors’ strength during a treacherous time.

Before resuming tour, she didn’t fail to thank her fans first,
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity in supporting One Love Manchester and for helping the families as much as you possibly could. Thank you for bringing your absolute brightest, most passionate, contagious energy to these shows and for wiping my tears away.”

Ariana demonstrates how strength and selflessness is all it takes to overcome the bad. She was caring and fearless, which is a perfect example of why she is a trailblazing role model.

We hope your birthday is filled with nothing but the best, and that 24 is a year full of greatness!

Fast Fashion? More Like Fast Beauty! – Forever 21 Opens Beauty Boutiques.

           This American fast-fashion company
was started by a couple of South Korean immigrants looking for the American
dream. Now Forever 21 has 790 stores in 48 countries, bringing in average
income of $4.4bil in sales itself. As if that wasn’t enough, they are now
blooming more than ever by opening freestanding beauty boutiques in the United
States. According to Women’s Wear Daily, their goal is to have about ten stores
arriving early next year.

affordable brand is going to keep its cost at the low end of course, supporting
other alike price ranges in its boutique such as E.L.F, Peripera, Pony Effect,
and NYX that carry a wide variety of beauty products  including, makeup-up, nail care, skin care,
hair care..etc. This will be a more convenient and cost efficient way to shop!

          The soon to be up and coming,
millennial-focused boutiques will be named Riley Rose so be on the lookout for
stores near you!