Fast Fashion? More Like Fast Beauty! – Forever 21 Opens Beauty Boutiques.

           This American fast-fashion company
was started by a couple of South Korean immigrants looking for the American
dream. Now Forever 21 has 790 stores in 48 countries, bringing in average
income of $4.4bil in sales itself. As if that wasn’t enough, they are now
blooming more than ever by opening freestanding beauty boutiques in the United
States. According to Women’s Wear Daily, their goal is to have about ten stores
arriving early next year.

affordable brand is going to keep its cost at the low end of course, supporting
other alike price ranges in its boutique such as E.L.F, Peripera, Pony Effect,
and NYX that carry a wide variety of beauty products  including, makeup-up, nail care, skin care,
hair care..etc. This will be a more convenient and cost efficient way to shop!

          The soon to be up and coming,
millennial-focused boutiques will be named Riley Rose so be on the lookout for
stores near you!

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