Try Before You Buy- Amazon Wardrobe

Amazon does it again with exceeding in
customer service. They are now launching it’s newest program that will allow
one to try on an item before they have even purchased it yet, this idea will be
called Prima Wardrobe.


How does it work? You will select a minimum of
three Prime-Wardrobe eligible pieces of clothing from over a million options,
then Amazon will proceed to ship you your selections in a resalable return box

 Don’t worry about not liking an item either
after you try it on, just send it right back in the box that you can even leave
right at your front door in your own convenience from Prime Wardrobes free
scheduled pickups by UPS.

 Want to keep an item? No stress! If a customer
wants to keep at least three items, he/she will receive a 10 percent discount
off of ones purchase, 5 or more pieces will be receiving an even greater
discount of 20 percent!

 Amazon is demonstrating a new form of retail
and a more pleasing one to say the least in the customers’ eye. No more worries
or stress going into buying a product! However, Amazon Prime Wardrobe is currently in beta, but you can
sign up to get notified when it officially launches.

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