Sweet Prima of the Week: Carla Fendi

June 20th marked the death of Carla Fendi, one of the five Italian sisters who inherited and assisted in the transformation of their parent’s small leather workshop into an international luxury fashion empire. Passed away in Rome, age of 79, unfortunately following a long illness.

However, her accomplishments are one to remember for a long time that progressed the company into the famous brand name it is. 1925 consisted of Adel and Edoardo Fendi opening their first shop in Rome, Italy.  As, 1965 rolled around Carla and her sisters made the uprising decision to hire Karl Lagerfield as a designer.

“Lagerfield is the sixth Fendi child” – Carla Fendi,
Just from that clever decision, Fendi then became the worlds most famous furrier.

Carla served as Fend’s president as well as the company’s public face for its line of vibrant “baguette” bags that average at thousands of dollars. She concentrated on marketing the company’s brand and logo, which instantly became an internationally familiar symbol for luxury. That was until LVM bought Fendi in 2001 worth hundred of millions of dollars bringing together some of the worlds greatest luxury brands. Carla still was known as an honorary Fendi president up until her passing.

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