Sweet Prima of the Week: Katy Perry

Sweet Prima of the week this week goes to Katy Perry for overcoming her mental health struggles and for inspiring those who are struggling as well to believe in themselves. This pop culture star admits to suffering from alcoholism. She admitted all of these in a live stream video in hopes of promoting her next album ‘Witness’, this video went viral and lasted four days long.

Katy also has opened up on her thoughts about suicide and came clean to contemplating it several of times. However, she has risen up from her thoughts and has been moving forward since.

“I feel ashamed that I would have those thoughts, feel that low and depressed”

It’s inspiring that she can openly express her personal story and life struggles. Her fans have been a huge support and respect. This is a true example on how one can overcome the hardships of depression and seeing what it can lead to. It touches the hearts of many to see an amazing singer discuss these personal issues.

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