Sweet Prima of The Week: Michelle Obama

A year ago many may have wondered who is Jason Wu until January came and Michelle Obama decided to rock his one-strap ivory gown to wear at the inaugural ball. It’s inspiring how powerful choice can be and how much of an impact it can make on ones life especially Jason Wu’s. This trailblazing first lady went out of the fashion comfort zone and chose a designer she believed in. This is a prime example of how ones decision can affect the people around you, more importantly for the better. This amazing opportunity allowed Wu to make a name for him.
Prior to this January night, Wu once had only six collections to his name, but now has been busy ever since consisting of flying to Tokyo, Paris, and London regularly. He says he cultivates to find ideas for his silhouettes and flirty fabrics both in fantasy figure. His new fall collection is based on the fairy-tale images of the late English illustrator Arthur Rackham—and real world women.
However, our former first lady does not stop there opening up opportunities for people. Recently, she has donated two million dollars to summer job programs in Chicago, IL. This grants many the opportunity to seek summer employment if they had not seen it in their future prior.
Thanks to Michelle Obama for seeing Jason Wu’s (as well as the Chicagoland area’s) potential and incredible talent to help endeavor the journey to do amazing things the fashion world! We can’t wait to see what’s next from this gifted designer.

Newest Trend- Second Hand Shopping

goes around comes around. Years ago, buying second hand clothing was nothing to
be proud of but more shamed upon and seen to be ineligible to afford new
clothing. But today, it is a global trend! One third of consumers are now
buying more second-hand items than they were twelve months ago and about thirty
five percent of women, twenty-five percent of men, say they are buying more
used products than new. What may be the reason of this particular trend?

74% of
women surveyed by Ipsos said they believe used fashion items are almost of
identical quality to the new, as well as, some even state that the used quality
may be of better quality than then unworn item. The statement holds true
specifically in the eye of the individual consumer based off of comfort level,
lifespan of the product, value, etc.

vintage is an increasing trend due to the environmental impact, decreasing
exploitation of poor countries, saving the consumer dollars, eligibility to
resell again, and more importantly; vintage always comes with a story.  For example, Hermes & Louis Vuitton stamp
their brand’s name, along with a date stamp either on or inside of their
luxurious bag. Many take this factor into account when purchasing second hang
luxury due to the vintage aspects the bag carries from the years prior to
purchase. There are even online, as well as in store boutiques designated
specifically for resale luxury handbags such as; The RealReal,  EBay, ThreadUp, Weisser, and WGACA.

loves a good story to tell, especially if they can carry one right underneath
their fingertips. With that being said thirty-six percent of participants in a
recent study said they would like to receive second-hand clothing or
accessories as a gift, would you?

Sweet Prima of The Week: Angelina Jolie, Happy Birthday!

This weeks Sweet Prima of the week
goes out to a wonderful actress, filmmaker, envoy for the United Nations High
Commissioner for Refugees, philanthropist and humanitarian; Angelina Jolie.
Sunday brought in this amazing actress’s 42nd birthday!

Her recent split with Brad Pitt
didn’t make her year fall any short from amazing. However this may be the first
birthday since the couple have been apart, the birthday started off as a ‘Dream
Week’ according to her because she got to spend the whole week with her kids.
She brought her children; Shiloh, Vivian, and Zahara to a Los Angeles skating
rink which then the kids reportedly have been planning a major party for their

Not only was her birthday week a
success, she’s had many exciting things to look forward to as well! She had
recently bought a 2.5-acre property that was in fact once owned by the
legendary director Cecil B. DeMille (Hollywood’s first celebrity film maker).

Angelina proves that even in our
toughest moments, good things are waiting to come ahead. She is an inspiring
role model and demonstrates how strong a woman can be. Happy birthday Angelina

The Bag Worth Investing In Right Now


When determining to pick the
right new bag, value of luxury always comes to one’s mind due to the
fluctuation of trends. However, look no further because we have found the bag
that will give you a run for your money.

The Hermès Birkin, originally created
for actress Jane Birkin when complaining about not being eligible to find the
perfect leather bag dated back to 1981 and has been doing better than ever
since. These bags increase in value by 14.2 percent on average each year
meaning that it is projected to double in its retail value in the next 10
years. As of now, the retail value of this luxury handbag cost from anywhere
between $12,000- $200,00. However, one has been sold for resale at a recent
auction for $233,000. The Birkin bag also outpaced both the S&P 500 and the
price of gold in the last 35 years making it more valuable than gold itself.

Unfortunately, the waiting
list for a new Birkin can often take as long as six year which explains the
high resale value due to scarcity.

Sweet Prima’s Triple Threat Triple: Wonder Woman

As the end of the week consists of the exciting new movie
Wonder Woman to hit theaters, we want to remind ourselves of all the wonders we
can do! As Hilary Clinton once said in her concession speech,  “And to all
of the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable
and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to
pursue and achieve your own dreams.”

Wonder woman was the first woman superhero, taking a turn on
the depiction of woman all around. In films, comic books, advertisements and
many more, the idea of women has been granted with several stereotypes but
Wonder Woman proves them all to shame.  She shows that with willpower a
girl can do anything that they set their mind to and achieve their strongest
and highest ability.

Shout out to you, Wonder Woman on redefining the
opinion on women all over the world and showing how tough we can be!

Fashion Fact Fri-Yay: LVMH Acquires Dior, another merger for luxury Retailers

LVMH luxury empire acquired Dior for $13.1 billion in April 2017.

This acquisition by Bernard Arnault is not only one of his largest ever but also reunites the Dior brand under one roof; after the Arnault family buys out the minority shareholders from Hermes International. Arnault and his family have 47% ownership of LVMH the notorious luxury empire. While it may seem that the conglomerate is just purchasing fashion brands at will, because it does also own Céline, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs, LVMH made the acquisition a symbiotic transaction.

The Dior stock price rose 13% and the LVMH 4.9%, in the Paris trading, shortly after the merger. With the consolidation of the brand under the LVMH umbrella, Dior will have more access to financing for stores and marketing subsequently making it easier to move talent between different arms of the brand.  The acquisition by LVMH also shows the corporation’s International relations knowledge. Because Arnault has confidence in the French economy, he is excited about the growth of the synergies between Dior and LVMH.

Mergers like these allow luxury retailers to increase their presence in markets, compete with growing competitors, and stabilize and increase their finances, therefore increasing available opportunities. Mergers also save struggling brands and give them a second opportunity to compete for the crown. As the fashion industry become tougher to compete, brands need every advantage they can afford, and mergers are one solution to become a better competitor.

Sweet Prima’s Triple Treat of the Week: Cher

Cher is undoubtedly one of the most iconic women in the entertainment industry to ever exist, backed by four decades of world recognition.

Her climb to stardom starts at the young age of 17 when she meets Sonny at Aldo’s Coffee Shop. The platonic relationship morphed into  a confession of love by both after Cher’s mother discovered their arrangement. Sonny and Cher then excelled their world-wide success with the song “I’ve got you babe,” and later “The Beat Goes On” and “Baby Don’t Go.” Soon after her first daughter, Chasity, was born, Cher’s marriage started to break down because Chasity was affected negatively by the intense spotlight and the family became hectic and unstable. The marriage ended and Cher knew she made a mistake, but continued on to support her daughter and her career. She then met Greg Allman, of whom she became pregnant. Allman’s addiction to heroin and alcohol ended their marriage quickly and Cher became an unemployed 33-year old single mother.

Still determined to support her family and have a successful career, Cher started along side Meryl Streep in “Silkwood.” Those who initially criticized her were soon silenced by her Oscar nomination for her performance in “Moonstruck.”  By 1987 Cher was so demanded she had three simultaneous films, “The Witches of Eastwick,” “Suspect,” and “Moonstruck,” and at age 41 and 25 years in the show business Cher was at the top, something unexpected for a woman her age. Chasity’s announcement that she was lesbian at first shocked Cher, but then Cher soon learned to accept her daughter for who she is.

Sonny’s shocking death in January 1998 made Cher deeply remorseful as evident by her eulogy at his funeral. She bounced back quickly and at 53 Cher was back at number one of the American Top 40 for four consecutive weeks. Now the oldest female to have the number one spot, Cher also was the longest Billboard No. 1 from 1965-99. After more album releases and her world tour The Farewell Tour, which lasted much longer than most expected, most would think Cher would slow down, but not she signed a deal for 200 shows at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in 2001.

Still working on albums and shows to this day Cher embodies what it means to be a woman determined to succeed and break boundaries. Iconic, unstoppable, and unrelenting are just some of the words to describe the amazing woman that is Cher.